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Canal Cruises.

Would you like to join me for a cruise on the Amsterdam Canals? Step on board of one of my favorite boats. All the boats I sail are  Certified Classic Dutch notary-boats with a capacity of 12 passengers maximum. Let me introduce you to my specific "Girlfriends". I love them all for their specific character and uniqueness. These boats can all be booked for private cruises. (Availability on request). Send me a mail for options!  

Rederij Aemstelland  Salonboot huren Ams


Pure Royalty. Born in 1909, she was renamed in 1949 in expectation of princess Elisabeth to become Queen of England one fine day. The full name of the schip is "Little queen Elisabeth". Little did they know then, Elisabeth the second can't be referred to as "little" anymore. Sweet Lizzy is luxurious, comfortable and fitted with the best wines and foods. I've been sailing her for three years now and I love the boat as well as it's owners. A small scaled local business that have a genuine classy, relaxed mindset. They own a B&B on a classic houseboat swell! ( mail me for information. It's a simple dough splendid alternative for a hotelroom. Very authentic.) 


Marie Zurlohe

Marie Zurlohe dates from 1924. She caries the name of her first owner who ordered the boat for her own private use and sailed it herself (!), as one of the first women to sail these kind of ships. Marie has a toilet and pantry on board. She has a challange in her design. For communication I will need to use a microphone for the cabin and skipper-department are separated. This, just as much, makes her the ideal schip for a romantic, private cruise ( a proposal, mayby?). She's one of a kind. 

Salonboot Sarah - Sloepvrienden.jpg

Honoustly, Sarah is a remake. She is build in the 90's of the 20th century based on a 80-year old design. When I took a close look, I started to become really impressed. This boat is not a fake, it's a flawless reconstruction of an old concept. No expense was avoided to re-create this original design. My respects to the shipyard in Friesland that took the love and effort to rebuild this ship ( the orginal sank) and make old splendor revive. It took years...

Sarah is special because she represents the late period of saloon boats, the 30's of the 20th century. She's has these Art Nouveau/ Art Deco elements and I love to sail her because she moves like a Riva-speedboat. 

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